Nobody likes driving when the roads are bad. Its wet, its slick, and sometimes it's downright scary. But if you're at work or school when the snow starts falling, a sketchy drive back home is inevitable. At Korum Automotive Group, customers frequently ask us about vehicles that do well in poor weather conditions. That's why were happy to recommend the Hyundai Venue.

The Hyundai Venue has special features that make it ideal for cruising down the Puyallup highways, even in bad weather. When the road starts to look nasty, choose "Snow Mode" for improved control and traction. This mode helps you traverse over snow and ice and get your vehicle home in one piece.

You can also choose from "Normal Mode" for your regular commute and "Sport Mode" if you're doing something a little more challenging. You can switch between modes quickly and easily while you're driving, making it simple to customize your driving experience.


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