Towing is a job that requires precision and timing. If you make improper maneuvers on the road while a truck is connected to a trailer, the load could sway and cause an accident. Ford trucks are great for towing because they have systems that provide power, torque, and stability. You can take advantage of these systems while operating a Ford F-150 during a towing routine.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist is one of Ford's best tools for towing. It basically controls a trailer when the F-150 backs up. This system is accessible in the cabin, and you can use it to maneuver a trailer to the left of right. Without this type of tool, a trailer can easily sway in the wrong direction during reverse driving situations. For convenience, every F-150 has an eight-inch screen in its cabin. During towing jobs, this screen provides helpful information about a trailer.

The Ford F-150 is a very efficient pickup truck for towing. If you get behind the wheel, you can test some of its safety tools and the steering system. You'll find Ford F-150 trucks and test drive opportunities at Korum Automotive Group.



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