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Pre-Owned Staff

Marc Gadison
Sales Consultant

Marc works in sales at the Korum Pre-Owned lot. He has been in the industry for 28 years, so he knows his stuff. If you ever get the chance to have a conversation with Marc, consider yourself lucky; simply because he is a great guy. When asked about his favorite part about working at Korum, he stated that he "loves that I get to meet new people day in and day out and enjoy the process of purchasing a new car with them." Marc enjoys that he gets to positively impact people and take the stresses out of purchasing a car. Marc is a very understanding person, and he strives to make the customer comfortable throughout the entire buying process. When Marc isn't working, you can find him at the gym, or watching and playing pretty much all sports. He is a very optimistic person. So much so that he predicted that the Mariners are going to win it all this year. Too optimistic? Only time will tell. So, come by Korum and meet Marc! Get a taste of his awesome personality.

Paul Helling
Sales Consultant

Greg Jones
Sales Consultant

Say hello to Greg. Greg Jones is a fairly new member to the team here at Korum Automotive, but he brings over five years of automotive experience with him. Greg is a people-oriented person. When asked what he loves most about working with customers he said that he enjoys "meeting new people and treating them like they deserve". With each and every deal that Greg makes, he goes out of his way to practice integrity. Greg strives to be honest and trustworthy and to make the customer feel like they are dealing with a friend that they can trust. If Greg isn't at work, you can find him camping, hiking, or, doing basically anything outdoors. Greg is pretty awesome, and we think that everyone should meet him. So, come down and get to know Greg!

Wes Konsmo
Sales Consultant

Richard Montes
Sales Consultant

Clarence Needam
Sales Consultant

Rodney Harris
Sales Consultant



Michael Schutz
Sales Manager

Alex Tanchev
Sales Manager

Brett Solomon
General Manager

Say hello to Brett Solomon. Brett is the General Manager at the Korum Pre-Owned lot. He has been with Korum for over ten years now, and in the automotive industry for over thirty-five! Brett has been in the industry a while, so he has picked up a few strategies along the way. Brett takes the approach as if he were a consultant. He listens to the customers wants and needs, and in turn provides the best vehicle for their individual case. One of his favorite parts about his job is that he gets to work with so many different customers. "I love to talk to people, so getting to know them is fun" says Brett. Getting to know the customer is what drives Brett. When Brett isn't working, you can find him hanging out with his Grandkid and spending time with family, or out on the golf course shooting under par (hopefully). Brett is a great guy, so come down to Korum and get to know him!