Eventually, there comes a time when personal transportation requires updating. When a new vehicle is out of the question, a certified pre-owned car, SUV or pickup is an alternative worth considering. Our Korum Automotive Group Hyundai facility has quality certified vehicles in our inventory.

In order to qualify for the certification program, the vehicles must adhere to specific criteria. The vehicles cannot exceed a specified age or have more than a designated amount of miles on the odometer. Each must also undergo a 173-point inspection that assesses the vehicle from the ground up.

Minor problems are corrected before offering the vehicle to our Puyallup consumers for purchase. The vehicles are covered by the remainder of the 60,000-mile comprehensive warranty along with the 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain protection. New owners also have access to the vehicle's Carfax history. In this way, consumers have a clear picture of their desired purchase.


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