Vehicle owners all around Puyallup would be wise to learn as much about exhaust systems and their components as they can. The muffler is a prime example of an exhaust system component. However, it is accompanied by other components, like the exhaust joints, the catalytic converter and the tailpipe.

Why does your car need an exhaust system? Your engine, unfortunately, generates some unwanted gasses, and these need to exit the vehicle somehow, this is where exhaust setups come into play. They are able to send these unwanted engine gasses out the tailpipe. In this process, the muffler is required to lower the noise profile of the overall exhaust system.

This is why drivers who neglect muffler maintenance often suffer from unnecessarily noisy exhausts. Korum Automotive Group's technicians want you to know that noisy exhausts can be easily prevented by simply keeping up with your muffler's maintenance and replacement needs.


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