A Ford Ranger provides power for towing, and it has strength for the elements. If you buy this new midsize truck, you'll feel confident and strong on the road.

The Ford Ranger can conquer the terrain in various environments. It gets most of its toughness from an advanced transmission system. This transmission never slows down when the Ford Ranger encounters hills and other obstacles. Instead, it quickly shifts the gearbox and continues to provide a smooth ride. Outside of the Ford Ranger, there is a fully boxed steel frame that protects all of the mechanical hardware. The exterior also has tow hooks; they make the Ranger very rugged and durable.

If you need a highly efficient pickup truck that's built Ford tough, the Ranger is worth buying. You'll find this midsize truck for sale at Korum Automotive Group. Our salesmen give all potential buyers an opportunity to test drive a Ford Ranger.


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