Are you considering a new crossover SUV? At Korum Automotive Group, we can help. The Hyundai Santa Fe is an exceptional crossover SUV that is popular at our dealership for a number of reasons, which include safety features that give you and your passengers excellent protection.

The Santa Fe comes with Rear Occupant Alert as an optional safety feature. This feature comes with an ultrasonic sensor that monitors for children and pets in the rear seats. Before you exit the SUV, you will be sent a reminder to check the back seat for passengers. If motion is detected after you have left the Santa Fe, the system will sound the horn and send an alert to your smartphone.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance is a standard safety feature that comes with the Santa Fe. This feature works with the Blind Spot Detection System's sensors to monitor for vehicles that are crossing the SUV's path when you are in reverse. It will send you an alert and engage the automatic brakes when necessary.



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