Choosing the next vehicle to get you around typically will require much thought and consideration. While most new vehicles offer a variety of shiny features to catch your eye, a vehicle's performance has and always will be at the top of the importance list for most drivers. Hyundai kept this fact in mind when developing the 2019 Sonata.

There is a lot to appreciate in how the Hyundai Sonata performs. There are three engine options that drivers can choose from based on their preference. The base model is a 4 cylinder, 2.4L engine that cranks out 185 horsepower. For those who want a higher performing Sonata, there are options for a turbocharged 1.6L 4-cylinder engine pair with a seven-speed transmission and a turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine paired with an eight-speed transmission. The 1.6L engine puts out 178 horsepower while the latter peaks at 245.

The 2019 Sonata comes with front-wheel drive standard. While not in the same category as a sporty vehicle, the Sonata provides drivers with firm, consistent handling. It provides a smooth ride on most surfaces and good maneuverability for drivers.



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