Ford Transit Passenger Wagon’s Stellar Tech Features

Great tech makes an already great ride feel luxurious, even dreamy. We here at Korum Automotive Group sure feel this way about the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon, one of our most popular passenger wagons. This wagon's tech features are ahead-of-trend, and here are two features to prove it.

Ford SYNC 3

Ford SYNC 3 consistently raises its own bar, improving and expanding with each new generation. The newest generation gives you complete management of a dynamic infotainment system via an in-dash, smartphone-like phone, or you can go hands-free. Deploy integrated Waze for crowd-sourced maps or integrated Amazon Alexa for hands-free shopping during brief excursions or group outings. Our very favorite benefit of SYNC 3 is the in-cabin Wi-Fi hotspot it creates through Sync Connect.

FordPass App

FordPass App gives you access to FordGuide, which offers custom, one-on-one assistance to the FordPass App features. The guide can help you use your FordPass App to input your VIN. The actual app lets you remotely lock/unlock your wagon, schedule a remote start, or stop your wagon remotely. You can also check fluid/fuel levels, locate fuel and prices along your route, schedule service, and pay for services from the comfort of your wagon or home. To experience each feature up close and personal, consider a test drive.



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