How Does Your Transmission Work?

In order for your tires to move, your car has to do far more than just make the engine run. So how exactly does this happen? That is why we here at Korum Automotive Group of Puyallup, WA are here to teach you all about your car's transmission.

A transmission's main purpose is to take the power generated in the motor and transmit it, with the help of other parts, to the axles of the car that help move it forward. Without a properly performing transmission, your vehicle isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Most auto technicians agree that the average lifespan for a transmission is around 100,000 miles. This mileage can of course be greatly raised if your vehicle's transmission is regularly serviced by a licensed professional. If you are looking for a quality service team to perform any sort of work on your car for rock-bottom prices, then be sure to give us a call or stop on by one of our car repair facilities to schedule an appointment today!

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