Hyundai Kona Handling

Named the best subcompact SUV by US News & World Report, the Hyundai Kona is a dream to drive according to those who have experienced its superior handling and performance. The Kona is comfortable to drive due to its suspension and handling. The multilink suspension allows for the car to maintain grip on the road while absorbing most of the bumps and patches in the road.

You can expect the Hyundai Kona to take on a lot, even for its size as an SUV. It has strong breaks, responsive steering, and minimal body roll. All of these make it fun to drive anywhere. Some drivers are even taking the Kona out into the wild, testing its off-road capabilities. While front-wheel drive comes with the base package, you can always upgrade to all-wheel drive. However, it’s not available in the all-electric Kona version.

You’ll get incredibly fuel economy and take on any winding roads with this SUV. Try the Kona at Korum Automotive Group located in Puyallup with a test drive.



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