Time to Consider Getting a New Car Battery

When you identify one or more of the following warning signs, it might be time to get over to Korum's Pre-Owned Vehicles for a new battery before you wind up stranded somewhere and need a jump or a tow. If you know what to be looking for, these failing car battery warning signs are simple to identify.

The first thing to look for is how the lights are responding in the car. When the car battery is close to failing, the headlights are going to appear dim after starting the car, the interior lights may flicker form time to time, or the lights on the instrument panel appear very low. You can also open the hood and identify a failing car battery by two signs. The smell of the battery is foul and the casing around the battery is swollen.

Now that you're in a better position to identify when the battery in your car is about to fail, you'll find it easier to decide when to replace it at our service center. Stop in and learn more with us at 100 River Road!

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