The Obvious Signs Your Car Brakes Will Fail

If you notice a warning sign that your car brakes are about to fail in the Puyallup area, you should get over to our dealership as quickly as possible so a skilled brake mechanic can determine the extent of the trouble. Our team at Korum's Pre-Owned Vehicles can easily help you to notice the warning signs of bad brakes include:

  • If you attempt to stop the vehicle quickly, you notice that the vehicle begins to bounce up and down.
  • While driving, you are smelling something burning from under the vehicle.
  • When the car is in reverse, you start to hear a grinding coming from the tire region.
  • If you depress the brakes while driving, your vehicle begins pulling hard to one side.
  • The vehicle brake pedal is getting softer and is almost touching the floor boards.
  • The car brake light is now staying lit while you are driving the vehicle.

It's highly recommended that you get your car's brakes checked every 12,000 miles; doing so will reduce the risk of you getting into trouble on the local roads. To learn more, find the right time to talk to a sales representative at 100 River Road.

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