The Importance of GAP insurance

So you just bought a new car, and then within weeks someone hits you and totals your car. You are expecting to get an insurance payout that covers what you owe, but that's unlikely. New cars depreciate quickly, meaning your insurer is likely to pay you less than what you have to pay the finance company.

You can eliminate this scenario by carrying GAP insurance from Korum's Pre-Owned Vehicles. GAP stands for guaranteed asset protection, but it also has a double meaning, because it literally covers the "gap" between what you owe on your new car and what your insurer says it is worth. GAP insurance does not cost a lot of money, and it offers you the peace of mind that your new car will be fully covered in the event of a serious accident that totals.

If you're interested in getting GAP insurance coverage for your vehicle in Puyallap, so visit us today to see your options! We're conveniently located at 100 River Road for when the time is right to learn more!

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