The standard time frame used to be every 3,000 miles for an oil change, but with new technology and more efficient engines, that is now a myth. Engines have gotten more advanced in the past few years with the introduction of electric and hybrid cars. These engines don't burn oil and don't need as frequent changing.

Why has this changed?

Newer technology for cars that were built during the last 10 years has made the old standard of "every 3,000-miles" obsolete. Newer engines are made better, run cleaner and require a lot less maintenance than older models. When purchasing a vehicle, the recommendation is every 7,500 miles or when needed.

How do you know when it is needed? Well, the oil in your car will not run empty unless you have a leak somewhere. It will just get really dirty and turn a dark color. You can tell by checking the dipstick and if the oil is a dark color it is time to get it changed.

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